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LTCMA explained

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Long-term investment returns

Head of Global Multi-Asset Strategy John Bilton highlights key themes from the report, and how the LTCMA can empower better decisions.




LTCMA 2018 materials


Choose between a comprehensive analysis of our forecasts and critical investment themes, or a simpler executive summary of our macro and asset class assumptions, and consult our assumption matrix for our expectations for returns, volatilities and correlations.




LTCMA Insights

These five articles look into issues likely to have a profound and protracted impact on the global investment landscape.


Technology, productivity and the labor force

The current wave of technological change is unlike any that has come before. Its unprecedented speed, scale, and breadth will profoundly, and simultaneously, impact many sectors of the economy.

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Inside China's financial markets

Low, policy-driven borrowing rates, with debt thought to be implicitly guaranteed by the state, has helped fuel China’s rise.

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The impact of global aging

The world economy stands on the brink of a massive swing in global savings, driven by a global ageing process that is set to become faster and more synchronous in the coming decades.

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U.S. dollar forecast

The U.S. dollar’s exchange rate is critical in shaping financial asset returns around the globe. It drives U.S. inflation and interest rates, and powerfully impacts global commodity prices.

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Portfolio Insights

Timely commentary, strategic perspectives and in-depth analysis from our investment teams to help guide your portfolio decisions.

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LTCMA 2019

Time-tested projections to build stronger portfolios ►


Asset Allocation Ansichten unserer Chef-Investoren


Global Asset Allocation Views

Das globale Strategieteam der Multi-Asset Solutions Group bevorzugt Aktien aus Japan, Europa und den Schwellenländern, sieht ein gutes Umfeld für Risikoanlagen und stuft die Einschätzung von Unternehmensanleihen auf neutral herab.

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Global Equities Views

Die gute Gewinnsituation des ersten Quartals hat unsere Erwartung einer synchronisierten globalen Rentabilitätserholung bestätigt. Aus diesem Grund erwarten wir ein günstiges Umfeld für Aktieninvestments – insbesondere für Aktien aus Schwellenländern und Europa.

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Global Fixed Income Views

Die Global Fixed Income, Currency & Commodities Group hält angesichts des kräftigen, weltweit synchronisierten Konjunkturaufschwungs am Basisszenario des Wachstums über Trend fest.

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Aktuelle Einblicke


Die einsame Gewinnerin

Angela Merkel und die CDU/CSU gewinnen die Bundestagswahl

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Erholung in Europa

Das politische Risiko in Europa hat deutlich nachgelassen

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Market Bulletin

Steht das politische Projekt Europa an einem Scheideweg?

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